Process Server One offers a Wide Range of Process and Court Services in Albany, New York and Nationwide

Public Records in Albany, New York

Our agents in Albany provide fast public research, unlimited reports, and instant searches including county civil and criminal records, federal civil and criminal records, marriage licenses, divorce records, death certificates, business licenses, fictitious business name filings, corporate records, limited partnership/limited liability records, LASD, SEC, UCC filings, Board of Equalization records, OSHA records, U.S. Patents and Trademarks, real property records, bankruptcies, tax liens and judgments, workers’ compensation records, and more

Court Records in Albany, New York

Our Albany and nationwide agents tell you the truth in three to five days. Ensure that every applicant is the right fit by checking thoroughly into criminal history and background. Uncovering misdemeanors and felonies helps tremendously with business, legal, and personal decisions. Get the answers you need today and avoid danger before it’s too late.

Court Research in Albany, New York

Our New York statewide agents Instantly access on-site research assistance with County, State, and Federal Civil and Criminal Records information. We make Albany and nationwide court record research and retrieval fast and easy.

Court Filings in Albany, New York

Using our registered and bonded professional process servers in Albany and everywhere in New York, we’ll complete any assignment correctly the first time. We offer process service throughout New York and nationwide for small claims, summons and complaint, cross complaints, orders to appear for examination, family law, restraining orders, unlawful detainers, foreclosure and eviction notices, writ, wage garnishment, bank levy, and personal/record subpoenas.

Subpoena Preparation in Albany, New York

We’ve provided statewide New York and nationwide subpoena service since 1988. In fact, we’re among the most knowledgeable and professional subpoena servers in New York and throughout the nation.. And, we use state-of-the-art resources to ensure that our clients always know exactly when a party has been served. We only use experienced New York process servers familiar with local, state and national laws, ensuring your papers are served quickly and legally within the proper time constraints.

Subpoena Domestication in Albany, New York

Our office in New York handles out-of-state subpoenas, both in-bound and out-bound. Usually these are subpoenas duces tecum, seeking documents from a record holder out of state. Whether document subpoenas must be issued in another state, processed from another state or another federal district court, or located in New York, our fast, efficient, and accurate service is provided by experienced process servers familiar with local, state, and national laws. Since states still have their own specific procedures, we always contact the record holder’s local court to avoid mistakes.

Subpoena Service in Albany, New York

A successfully served subpoena in Albany or anywhere in the U.S. is a wonderful feeling; your justice is just getting started. Issuing a subpoena isn’t an easy task, however: only a licensed, registered, bonded process server can serve a subpoena – and that’s where we come in. Our New York office can prepare and serve your trial, deposition, and record subpoenas at the most affordable prices.

Process Service in Albany, New York

Looking for the most reliable process servers in Albany? You’ve found a team that’s been together since 1988. Court summons and evictions are among the most common forms of process service, but we successfully deliver everything from restraining orders to small claims court documents. Fast, efficient, and accurate, we offer free consultations on all requests, just contact our New York and national headquarters anytime. Gain an early advantage in your case by serving legal documents with us today.

Process Service on Native American Reservations in Albany, New York

Our 30+ years of experience serving legal documents across the USA (including native American reservations) will quickly and respectfully move your case through its next steps. With about 325 Native American Reservations in the U.S., many state court lawsuits can require process service on an individual or business located within a reservation. What is permissible on one tribal reservation may not be permissible on another, so it’s important to consult local, state, and county law enforcement (as well as the tribal court).

Service of Process by Publication in Albany, New York

Need assistance with service of process by publication in New York? We can help with a thorough, accurate, and fast due-diligent service conducted by a licensed investigator. We make the necessary search requirements to locate the defendant, using the methods available in the Code of Civil Procedure as applicable by state and Federal law.

Litigation Support in Albany, New York

If you need assistance in Albany or anywhere in New York with the often difficult and lengthy process of litigation, we are here offering diligent research and dedicated support to help your case move forward more smoothly. With compilation of vital information, we can assemble facts and information from anyone associated with your case. Using our extensive nationwide expertise, we can provide reliable testimony and analyze evidence (from crime scenes to computer and accounting forensics). We will obtain anything needed for the litigation process while abiding by all federal, state, and local laws.

On-site Document Reproduction in Albany, New York

Still in the discovery stage of your case? Need on-site document reproduction? Our full- service mobile digital scanning and copy services support the future success of your case. Whether you’re representing a plaintiff and have a HIPPA authorization or representing a defendant and require our Albany, {XXstateXX] deposition officer services, we can help. We can prepare your deposition subpoenas for production of business records, notice to consumers, and proof of services by mail. Your records will be forwarded to you in hardcopy or digital format.

E-Filing in New York and Nationwide

Many courts, especially since COVID-19, are transitioning to E-Filing. This is the process of filing legal documents with the court electronically. Use our certified electronic filing service provider serving courts across the U.S. with 24/7 support, reporting tools, PDF conversion, and more to make your E-Filing process simple.

Language Translation in Albany, New York and Internationally

Our translation and project management teams are recognized globally within the industry. Combined with our unique “360-degree” quality control processes, our translations are high- quality, timely, and accurately localized. Professional proofreaders for legal, medical device, corporate, and government organizations ensure your work is error-free.

International Service of Process

With more than 30 years of operational experience, we’ve served in countries around the world. Each country has its own unique set of laws and rules. While a process server may be familiar with the Hague Convention and Letters Rogatory, it’s important they’re also experts in the specific country you require service of process in. Ask about our experience serving legal documents in your nation of need.