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    A Legal battle between Twitter and man named Mr. Wilson is coming to a close after the magistrate recommended Wilson drop the complaint. The issue centers around first amendment rights that Wilson believes he had restricted by the social media company. In Wilson’s opinion, he took to Twitter to have conversations and express his heterosexuality and Christianity. However, once his account was suspended for allegedly hateful conduct, Wilson was unable to create new accounts. This spurred him to prepare a lawsuit for more than $100,000,000.00.

    The judge has ruled that Twitter is not a “state actor”. Therefore, Twitter does not act on behalf of the United States government. Furthermore, Twitter does not have to enable total freedom of speech on its private platform. Here is the quote regarding First Amendment application to this case and situation:

    While Twitter no doubt provides a valuable public forum, one in which millions of users, including the President of the United States, participate in wide-ranging public discourse, this alone is insufficient to establish that Twitter is a state actor. Although the ubiquity of the internet, and the unprecedented scale at which social media companies such as Twitter operate, has resulted in a significant portion of public debate taking place on forums controlled by private actors, the nature of the state-action doctrine remains the same….

    That private social media companies now host platforms which imitate the functions of public forums—in many respects more effectively than the traditional public forums of government-owned sidewalks, streets, and public parks—does not mean that the entities are state-actors for the purposes of the First Amendment notwithstanding that it has created a forum for hosting speech, Twitter is a private entity and is not subject to the state-action doctrine. [Full Case Details here]

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    If you’ve worked in the legal industry lately, you’ve seen courts closed in New York and trials suspended for civil and criminal cases just about everywhere. Justice is delivered through all- new processes, and tele-legal services are suddenly on the rise. Attorneys and their staff in Albany are working from home, many for the first time; and, hearings, conferences, and similar meetings are now held remotely. Small-firm attorneys in Albany are financially struggling the most during COVID-19. Large firms throughout New York rely much less on court appearances to generate revenue, so small firms are more impacted comparatively. Without any in-person appearances, or billable travel time to and from such appearances, a lot of money is lost completely. However, lawyers that deal with terminated contracts in New York are seeing an increase in business. Plenty of businesses have already been forced to cancel events due to crowd restrictions and non-essential activities, and many more events throughout the state of New York will be or have been canceled throughout 2020 unless coronavirus is solved immediately. Despite much positive news regarding Albany landlords easing up on rent payments during the pandemic, business disputes are beginning as companies stand their ground to keep contracts enforced. Legal work in New York and throughout the world is losing its personal touch because social distancing measures disrupt relationship building activities such as meeting for coffee or cocktails. Also, receiving gifts in the mail creates anxiety now. Small Albany firms are faced with new challenges for onboarding clients and bringing in new business. On the bright side, small firms in Albany and throughout New York can leverage flexibility. With fewer people involved, it’s much easier to make a big change quickly. If your firm needs help serving businesses or individuals in Albany, New York or anywhere in the world with legal documents, we’re ready to lend a hand today. Get an early advantage in your case by serving legal documents safely and professionally during COVID-19. If you’d like to speak with a licensed Albany process server and or one of our worldwide service of process coordinators about your case, call us today at 518-665-4002 or text us at GET SERVED.